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how to handle noobs
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How to hanle noobs

Let's start off by defining the term "noob". A noob is a person who annoys, irritates, or just plain gets on your nerves. They are the people who beg. They are the people who you see bragging that they have Some high level skills, even though they have only level 20 combat. They usually also try to insult you, and/or make you feel bad. A noob can be a level 3 or they can be a level 126. There is a difference between a newb, which is a new player that has not learned all aspects of the game yet and a noob, which thinks he is better than others. A newb that thinks they have to beg for everything because they are too lazy to work for it is also a noob.

I myself came across a noob. This is the pathetic attempt they made, to annoy me:

Him: What you doing? Are you working on combat?
Me: No, I'm just puring my str.
Him: wat ur str huh
Me: Oh, it's almost 78.
Him: phht tats not hi
Me: I'm a lv 80
Him: I have 80 magic! u wanna duel huh huh!/1//1 huh?!

Now I could deal with this in many ways.

I can:

1. Ignore it/turn my public chat off.
2. Get angry; start swearing, shouting, and threatening.
3. Switch worlds.

Now, you do NOT want to do choice number 2. That would make you yourself a noob and also may get you reported or maybe even banned from the game. If you turn off public chat, everyone around you would see him insulting you, and you doing nothing. If you don't care what others think, then just ignoring it is the best answer. If you can't ignore it or don't want others seeing this noob insulting you while you just ignore them, just change worlds. Easy as that, and turn over a new leaf. You should always report bad behavior by noobs. reporting it gets them one step closer to being banned. Yes Jagex may seem like they are not doing anything at a casual glance, but if a person is constantly reported, they will undoubtably take action eventually.

Are YOU a noob, or a n00b? Answer the questions below to find out!

1. Do you beg for money/items, and continue to follow the person until they give you what you want?

2. Do you lie about your identity?

EX: I'm zezima!/111!/!


I'm mrstormy from runehq

3. When people make you feel bad, like they have better items than you, do you threaten to 0Wzn them in the wilderness?

4. Do you Spam?

5. Do you disrespect others in any way?

6. Do you call people noobs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are most definitely a noob. Calling people noobs is very disrespectful and lowers you to their level. You should always try to help people and respect them. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Is a newb a noob?

A newbie is someone who is new. It also depends on the person, not the level.

Now, let's give an example on how to handle a newbie who's begging. You're passing Lumbridge, and someone new comes out... "FR33 st00f Pl0x." This is begging.

Things that cross my mind if I see a level 3 saying that:

1. Maybe he just doesn't know better, so just calmly explain that begging is considered noobish in runescape, and you must work for your items.

2. Now, maybe this is one of the, non sensible, newbish noobs. The worst of the lot.

Newbish Noobs

These could be considered the worst. They will follow you around, begging. They can start swearing, and they can be just be a pain.

Now, you can take them to the wilderness. But what's the fun in that? Well maybe there is a bit of fun in that, but that would make you a bit of a noob yourself. The wilderness is for sport, killing people who are already in the wilderness.


You can teleport.... How many low level players can teleport? None.

You can world switch and turn your chat to friends so the noob doesn't know which world you are in.

You can ignore them. No, they will keep on following you for ages.

EX: From my own experience, I've had someone follow me for 5 hours trying to find out where death runes respawn. Now I didn't know, and I told him that. No use.

Now, if someone asks where varrock is, and is standing in varrock center, just tell them. They are just naive people, who maybe are new.


EX: I'm a jagarxz m0d, give fr33 st00f or get bann3d.
EX: Trimming armor!!!

You may...

1. Report the person, and inform people that he is scamming. (Some newbs still don't know)

2. Get angry. Insult them, tell them that there worthless...etc.

3. Completely ignore him. Put him on your ignore don't care.

Now, I suggest not doing choice number 2, but try to do choice number 1. My suggestion is that you put the first and last suggestion together.

4. Report the person, inform everyone that he is scamming, etc, and then put the person on your ignore list.


Wear robes, and don't look rich. It's a sure way to get them to ignore you.

Now, I myself wear full guthix or zamorak, and a green mask. I like to look rich. I bet you do too.

So this is what I do:

- I see someone who I think will bug me, and pester me until I give them money, and simply walk the other way before they see me.

- I Walk in crowds of people, that confuse them. They can't figure out who's who. The best place to do it is world 2.

Warning - World 2 has the most people in it. (And world 1 for f2p.) As a result, it contains more noobs, but more people to hide from them.

Remember in F2p, many people will try to trade with you. Put your trade on "Friends" or "Off." And you won't be bothered by pesky trade spam.