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Anti-scam guide
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Anti-scam guide

1. "Free Armour Trimming"
Badness: 7
Reasons: This scam is worse depending on what kind of armour you trade to get 'Trimmed'. No one can "trim" armour, or anything for that matter! It is a reward from member's only Treasure Trails.

2. "Free Armour Decoration"
Badness: 7
Reasons: This is exactly the same as the armour trimming scam, but instead of saying they will trim it, they say they will put gems in it. It is not very common, but still dangerous. Note: Not only can they not decorate it, but there is no such thing as decorated armour.

3. "Tell me your pass so I can pay for your membership for a year" (private chat)
Reasons:They wont pay for your membership for a year theyll steal your account.

4. "Selling my Account Only *Price*"
Reasons: First off, this is against the rules. Second, it usually is faulty because they give you the wrong password or they use recovery info. to get it back. You could pay 1000k for nothing!

5. "Two scammers and a target *Price*"
A scammer has a rare item, another has an item that most players don't know much about. One finds a player and tries to buy a simple item but makes it sound worth more then it is. the innocent player says he does not have one. Nearby scammer 2 is selling the item the scammer 1 requires. He makes it sell for an expensive price. now the innocent player has bout a normal item that is no where near the actual price and has been scammed.

6. "Jagex has made it so you can say your pass out loud, try!"
Commonness: 5-8
Reasons: You could always say your password outloud! Don't try to, but you can. The reason it's 10+ is that you could lose your whole account from this!

7. "Jagex has made it so can't say your pass, see *******"
Badness: 10+
Reasons: This is a twin to the one above, but works a bit differently. Instead of you being "now able" to say your password out-loud, this time you "can't" say it. But really all there doing is not putting their password, they just put a few of these *. Basically, you try to say your password and think it will be *ed but instead it comes out crystal clear.

8. These are all a line of password scammers. Also, if anyone "claims" to be Jagex, and they do not have a gold crown, they are scamming you. No one in the game should ask you your password, and, if for some reason a Jagex Staff asks you for your password, do not give it.

9. Also, if you get an e-mail claiming you have been selected to be a mod, Jagex Staff, etc., then delete it that moment. They are scams too. Believe me, I was a player mod and they do not send an e-mail. They contact you in your message centre.

10. Here's another password scamming one:

"My Dad/Mom works at Jagex, they can get you free stuff"
"I'll need your pass to be able to give you the stuff"
Reasons: If the people who work for Jagex give you free stuff, they wouldn't need your password! 10+ because you could lose your whole account.

11. 4. "I need your recovery questions to see if your account is secure"
Badness: 10+
Commonness: 2
Reasons: Like before, don't give any information about anything that can be used to get onto your account, no matter what.

12. "I need Credit Card numbers to confirm this is your account"
Badness: 10+
Commonness: 1
Reasons: Like before and before, this is a way to not only get onto an account but also can be used in Real Life against you. Do not say anything about credit cards in RuneScape at all!

13. "I just got Pked (or died), I need a little cash"
Reasons: This is the baby scam, because all your doing is giving 20gp to them. But it adds up.

14. "Selling *Rare Item* only *cheap price*"
Badness: 5-7
Commonness: 3-4
Reasons: This is bad because (and this happened to me) some level 89 guy said "selling rune long, 15k!" so I traded him. He offered a rune long and I said, let me get my money. In about 3 mins, I came back and traded him. I offer my 15k he offer his "rune long". I was so anxious I clicked accept so fast I didn't notice that he switched the rune long with a mith long (they looked the same because they were notes).

15. "Show me your best items to allow you into our clan"
Reasons; Now the reason its "1" is because if you lie and offer some dumb items as your best, then it won't be bad. Now, if you offer your best items, like full rune, you'll lose a lot!

16. "Take me to *any place* and I'll pay *some amount*"
Badness: 1
Commonness: 4
Reasons: This is also a baby scam, because you really don't lose anything if you take them somewhere. You just don't get payed.

17. "I dropped my *A rare monster droppable* on the ground, did anyone find it?"
Well this is another way someone can item scam you. But this happens very rarely. When sometimes people hold contests of the best items will win some sort or prize. But that can also not be true they are just trying to take your items. When they might have certain contests where they ask you to give him or her your items so they can decide who's is the best. but here is a way you can try to avoid the scam.You can ask them to just see which means let them see it but not trade them it and move on to the next item.If they refuse to do this they must be a scammer.

18. Reasons: This has a lot to do with a monster and if it drops a rare item. Let's say a monster drops amulets of glories. Some guy comes up and says "I lost my ammy of glory". Now if a monster dies and someone gets an ammy of glory, then the scammer will say thats his/hers. But its NOT! I really don't know why someone would give one anyway...

19. Not Verbal! This one is a confusion with zeros.
Commonness:3- usually happens when someone doesn't want to pay a high price for something.
Reasons: This can be bad because someone offers 50k for your item then they decline and say "whoops"! You trade again and they offer 5k instead of 50k and you offer your item and accept anxiously. So now you got 5k instead of 50k. This also works if you don't pay attention, or they add items to distract you.

20. scammer:hey newbie want 800mil?
scammer:ok i will pm u
scammer(pm):change your password to moneybags (or watever they say)
newbie(pm):ok!i love u!

the scammers got his account now, this doesn't always happen to newbies, it can happen to people who don't read the security and don't play rsc sometimes, i got my first newb account hacked because of this, they do it to newbs for fun.

21. "Free Gem Cutting"
Badness: 5-8
Reasons: Now this isn't always a scam! Sometimes they can be honest. But usually, after I have talked to a few master crafters, they suggest the best way to avoid this scam is this in this example.

Ex: I offer my two uncut diamond. Other person offers two Cut Diamonds.

That way, the other player gets uncut diamonds which they cut and repeat this over again. You get your cut diamonds. Another tip is to check the high scores to see a player's actual crafting level.

22. "Selling this key to a secret room, only *price*"
Badness: 5-9
Commonness: 1-2
Reasons: They usually put the key in a note so you can't tell which key it is, because Jagex has failed to name certain keys different names. Like there is around 5 keys called "Keys". It gets confusing. So don't buy a key that's noted unless it's really what you want by name.

23. ALT+F4/CTRL+W scam
Scammer: follow me to learn how to duplicate items and cash
*takes you somewhere deserted*
Scammer: now drop them all on the ground then press ALT+F4/CTRL+W (ALT+F4/CTRL+W close the window, so the scammer can take your items)

24. Group scam:
Scammer1: selling (paramaya ticket (or other cheap but useless item)) for *expensive price eg 1mil+*
Scammer2:buying (that item) 4mil
When someone buys from scammer1, they both log out

25. RS3 Beta test site:
Badness: 10+ (site can contain keyloggers, trojans and/or viruses, could also lose your account if it is hacked)
Scammer: go to (types in a web address in a way to get past the censors) to test RS3 beta!
Commonly used with autotypers so the message fills up everyone's chat box

Safety tips to avoid trojans and keyloggers:

Recommended security programs:
Norton antivirus
AVG antivirus
Ad aware
Spy Sweeper
A good firewall (eg ZoneAlarm or Windows Firewall)

Update virus definitions and download Windows security updates regularly Scan ALL downloaded files before opening/running, preferably scan with more than 1 program.

If you are at all suspicious about a file, DO NOT download it NEVER download any files such as RS autoers or unofficial clients

26. "Get the wine of zammorak and ill give you price"
Badness: 4
Commonness: 7 at chaos Temple in f2p world
Reasons: When you try to take the wine with Monks of Zammorak alive they will attack you. Chances are since you are a lower lvl and it is a multi attack zone you will die. Even if you successfully get the wine chances are they wont pay you the money anyway.

27. "Password Stealing"
Badness: 10
Reasons: The scammer will offer you a high lvl account for free. You accept the account and you change the password of the account. The scammer hopes you use the same password as your own account, and here's how you can loose your account. The scammer uses the password recovery questions to recover the password of the account he gave you.

28. "Luring you to poisonous creatures"
Badness: 5-8
Reasons: A while ago someone started yelling drop party so a few people followed him and he showed us a large amount of money. He said he needed to test us. He then took us to Karamja. He payed the fare to get there he told us to take off all our armor and weapons and kill 5 level 32 tribesmen. The first to do that won the money. The tribesmen poisoned all of us and the poison did 11s which quickly killed us. He said he would give us anti poisons if we killed them but when we tried to get them, he wouldn't let us have them and we died. A similar thing to this is done in members, with the poisonous cave crawlers north east of Seers Village.

New Player Anti-Scam Guide:


Never Buy "Pete's CandleStick" for hero's Quest from ANYONE! It won't let you use that candle stick.

Never buy the "rare black bass", it is simply a burnt bass.

Never buy any food your not familiar with, unless you sample it. Because the person might say it heals more than it does.

Never drop trade for anything, because the item (if not tradable) disappears before the 'victim' can see it.

Never do anything that requires you to trade without getting something in return.

Never trade for an item that is simply made from something easily obtain. Such as glass items or wool items.

I have found many Password Scam Sites. They ask you for your RuneScape name and Password and then they hack you. Like RuneScape says in there nice sig: Only use your Password on

In addition, a rare item doesn't mean it has a huge price. For example: Maybe some Zamorak Robes, people sell for 10k, but they really are easy to get by killing a Iban Disciple and they automatically drop a full set.

Notes, when buying something noted, ask yourself "Why is it noted?" To hide identity so they can scam you, or just because of huge quantities.

Don't buy things that you don't know prices. After playing for awhile you learn prices. But newer players are more easier because they don't know about all the items.

When Granite Mauls first came out, people never heard of them because Jagex never mentioned everyone. That's why they started out at around 2mil, because they looked so powerful and great. Now you can get one for 200k. When new items come out in the same way the Granite Maul did, don't buy it instantly, because they can charge any price and you can't tell if that's good or bad. Wait a few days until you know what the item is, stats, and a reasonable price.



Scamming is against the rules so you can get banned by it. But, if I were you, always report the scammer and yell outloud "*Scammer's name* is a scammer, do not fall for it". This way, it may save someone.

Never give passwords to ANYONE.


Jagex clearly states this (from

"What is a scam?
A scam is the act of acquiring item(s) from another player through misinformation, confusion and pressure, or by taking advantage of basic trust.

Tips to avoid being scammed
Think carefully about the trustworthiness of the other player

Before commencing in a trade/transaction with another player always consider the trustworthiness of their character.

Be wary of newly created/low level players

A player's level is one indicator that may be used to measure their trustworthiness. For example if a level 3 (lowest level) player is offering you rare or expensive items you should ask yourself exactly how such a low player could have acquired these items? There are some people that will register a new character purely to scam other players. Higher players are generally more trustworthy as if they do scam and you report them they have more to lose than a newly created character. These examples are not ALWAYS the case, and it does not mean ALL high level characters are trustworthy, but generally it holds true.

You can see a players level by right clicking on their player, or by going to the high scores table from the main page.

Ask around

If you are unsure of a player's credibility, it is definitely worth asking around in game to see if you can find out anything on the player. You might be able to find someone who has had a trading experience with this player.

Do they want to trade officially?

If another player suggests an unofficial type of trade, you should definitely be suspicious. We have a very secure trading system for players and there is absolutely no reason why someone should not want to use this. Some examples of this are people asking for you to give them items first before they are willing to give you their part of the deal. Another example is someone asking you to drop the items on the floor instead of using the trade window.

In 99% of these cases the other player will be looking to scam your items. Suggest to them that you use the secure trading system and if they decline then refuse to go any further in the trade. For more information on our trading system please refer to the trading guide, located in the online manual.

Displays of trust

Some players will ask you to display an element of trust in order to receive a free item or to join a group. This normally comes in the form of giving them an item, and them giving you it back. This will start as a small item and escalate to larger items or even multiple items.

Do not engage in any type of trust test as it will almost certainly result in you losing valuable items. A good rule to go by is do not give any other player an item you are not yourself willing to lose.

Is the deal too good to be true?

If you are being offered an exceptionally good deal and there are certain things that are making you suspicious then do NOT go ahead with the deal. If something seems too good to be true, in most cases it normally is.

Be extra careful and vigilant

When conducting a trade with another player try to be extra careful and vigilant. You should be aware that people can remove and add items freely up until the final confirmation screen. ALWAYS check the final confirmation screen to ensure not only you are giving the items you mean to give but that you are receiving what you expect also.

Players offering to make you items

Certain objects in RuneScape have minimum level requirements in order to craft the item. If somebody offers to make an item for you, its good practice to not only be aware of the level of skill needed to craft that item but to check on the high scores table to ensure the player really does have the skill level to make that item.

Then if you are happy with their levels it's a good idea to ask for something in return of the same value of the items you are giving them to craft to cover yourself should they be looking to steal the items. Any player that is genuinely looking to craft these items for you should not have a problem with this method. If they do, then most likely they are trying to scam you.

Large trades

If you are conducting a very large trade and it is too large to conduct in one transaction, it is suggested that you break it into smaller, equal proportions. In order to cover yourself it is best that for each of these smaller trades you only trade items in which you receive items from the other player of the same value."

2. Never trust an online friend. Here's a story to explain this:

I met a guy named Bob (if thats anyone's name, I'm sorry, I'm not saying anything is wrong with you). You said to me "Hey, want to be my friend, here's a little token of our togetherness". They give me a Ring of Duelling. So now we're friends, then one day, Bob asks "I need crafting exp, got any gems?" I say "Yeah, I got lots". So I give him all my uncut gems without him offering any cut ones. Then Bob runs away.

3. Security Tips are very important...Meaning to get Firewalls, Spyware Blockers, and all the good stuff. The last thing you need is a Trojan/Keylogger.

4. Scamming is large industry for those who could care less about playing for fun and rather play for the cruelty of scamming a low level person of their tinderbox and watching them cry for it back.

5. Non-members or F2P players usually scam a lot more than members. Because members have a lot more stronger and more intelligent players. I'm not saying everyone is stupid on F2P, just saying Members or P2P have played longer so they know the ropes. I'm not saying members don't scam, they just scam less.

6. I was just looking up something and I came across a board, ok, and guess what! A RuneScape Scam Thread! How original! Well turns out the guy said: "Hey, I can get a hack for your account, (A) but I don't do it because then I take credit for it (A). Any way, I repeat, this is not a scam, not a scam! I just need your (B) Pass and username (B), and I'll get you it all. I used to (D) work for Jagex© (D), but they fired me for hacking. So Now, I hack them, haha". Here's reasons:

A. Well, obviously, if he doesn't do it, and makes an excuse for it, then it's a scam.

B. Two Key words to a Scam.

D. The identity of working for Jagex usually means that it's a scam. And if they worked for Jagex, why would they want to mess the game up by cheating on it?!

So remember, never scam, if you want to play. Like don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Be careful! Don't scam, don't be scammed.

Scamming is also a very reportable thing. Make sure to report all scamming for it makes the game better for all of us.

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