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anti-hack guide
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1. Don't tell any one your password. Ever!
2. Change your password often. Like once a week.
3. Make your password insanely hard to guess. Something like - 675835jefe - Something you can't just guess. Sadly, people are often hacked by a real life "friend" who successfully guessed their password (birthday, pet's name, or something a friend would know).
4. Don't use your Runescape password for other sites or sign in anywhere.
5. Set your recovery questions so if they do get your password you still have an account .
6. Run virus scans daily. Remember, Trojan horses usually have key loggers.
7. Make sure you have a firewall. Run Zone Alarm (a free firewall program) if you don't have one.
8. Only trust yourself and download nothing that has to do with Runescape. Avoid things like auto miners.
9. Get a decent firewall like zonealarm (free) or agnitum outpost firewall (paid) or sygate personal firewall (free).
10. Always Always! have a antivirus scanner if you cant afford one use online ones like housecall or panda also use to scan .exe files!.
11. Always have a personal spyware/ad-ware remover! .
12. If you use Internet Explorer switch to Mozilla Firefox ASAP. reason being is Internet Explorer is fully developed yet and has alot of loop holes which allow alot of spyware/ad-ware! .

OK.. Now on to scamming

1. Never give anyone anything without collateral. This way they won't walk off with your stuff.
2. Try not to believe everything you're told. It's not always true - like trimming armour, it just can't be done.
3. Know what you're getting when you buy from players. Don't automatically click "Trade" on the second trade screen - it's there so you can double check if the other guy changed something at the last minute!
4. People whose level is higher than yours might scam you, but not everyone. Just be aware of what's going on.

Here is a list of some scams that I have seen:

1. Trim scam - No one can trim armour. It's a treasure trail only item.
2. Account trading or selling. This one should be very easy to understand. Even if they give you the account's password and you change it, they can still recover it!
3. "Jagex blocks your password, see? *******" - The scammer types asterisks and so gullible people believe that it is really blocked. They type their own password - and the scammer can get into their account!
4. Rune chain scam- A low level (4 to 20) guy will sell a rune chain for cheap. They will show it to you and then switch the rune for mithril chain.
5. The item doubling scam - Drop your items on the ground and then press ALT + F4 or CTRL + W. All of your items on the ground will double. This doesn't work, you will close Runescape and the scammer will steal the items dropped.
6. Free gem cutting - always trade uncut for cut gems it makes sense and avoids any problems (most good crafters will agree) if the refuse to do this they are most like likely a scammer.
7. Noobs - Some people walk around saying stuff like "I am poor can I have some stuff?" or "I just died can I have some weapons or armour for free?" or "I just got hacked can I have some items?". it is not a good idea to "lend" money or give out money to "poor" people. If they were really poor then they would get up and go mining and make something from it.
8. Jagex Impersonators - Jagex impersonators have maybe some jagex names but those are not Jagex. Jagex has a gold crown by his/her name. Some Jagex impersonators want to fool you by there name but there is one obvious hint that there jagex impersonators jagex will never ask for your password. This is a common way some people get scammed, they will never EVER ask for your password if they are Jagex staff! Thats another hacking thing that I have had problems with but I never got password scammed, so watch out for those Jagex impersonators! Even though there name might look like userstatus or rs report or something you might think they are Jagex. They are just simply trying to hack you!